1) Where are current CCCW job openings listed?

  • They are located at Human Resources > Careers 

2) What positions am I qualified to apply for?

  • Please read the job description that is attached to each job, which contains all of the qualifications needed for that position.

3) How will I know if you received my application?

  • When you submit the on-line application, a message will appear on the screen stating that your submission was successful. If you provided an email address (which is highly recommended), an email will be sent verifying receipt of the application.

4) Is this CCCW position still open?

  • We will continue to accept applications until the position is filled. Once a position is filled it will be removed from the career opportunities list.

5) May I apply if the deadline is past?

  • All our jobs listed here are current. Even if the deadline has passed, we accept applications until the position is filled. Those submitted prior to the deadline will receive full consideration.

6) Do I need a cover letter, or resume, or references to apply for a CCCW job?

  • It's helpful, but not necessary, to have a cover letter and resume. We do require 3 professional references on our application.

7) How do I know which positions will have benefits?

  • Currently all positions are eligible for benefits.

8) Where can I find out more about the benefits that CCCW offers?

  • You can find out more about CCCW benefits package under Human Resources > Benefits

9) What is your selection process at CCCW?

  • Managers, in conjunction with Human Resources, will screen applications and select candidates for phone interviews, then in-person interviews. For some vacancies we have a large volume of qualified applicants, therefore we may be unable to interview all applicants who meet the minimum qualifications. Applicants selected for consideration will be contacted for an interview. Applications are accepted until an offer has been made and accepted by our top applicant.