Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition

October 22, 2012

To whom it may concerns:

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is excited to announce materials that will help you this election season and beyond. All the information below and much more is located on our newly redesigned website (http://www.disabilityvote.org).

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is pleased to send you a newly revised version of “Voting in Wisconsin: A Guide for Citizens with Disabilities.” The guide reflects recent changes to voting laws in Wisconsin and was printed in collaboration with and funds from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board. An online version of the publication can be found at: http://www.disabilityvote.org/resources The guide will be translated into Spanish and Hmong and available online and in print. If you need the printed copies in any of the above languages, contact Disability Rights Wisconsin at 608/267-0214.

We have also produced a series of short informational videos on voting in Wisconsin with help from voters from the disability community. These videos are short and separated by subject area so that you can learn information fast. They can also be played together and are great for support groups and other gatherings. The videos can be found at http://www.disabilityvote.org/videos.

The Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition website has been revamped and now includes a brochure on Competency Guardianship and Voting in Wisconsin. The brochure was produced by Disability Rights Wisconsin and is available in both Spanish and English. These brochures, and other answers to voting questions, are located at http://www.disabilityvote.org/resources.

You can stay up-to-date on issues pertaining to voting issues among the disability community by joining the Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition. Anyone can sign up, and both individuals and organizations can join. To sign up, go to http://www.disabilityvote.org/join/individual.

As a reminder, Disability Rights Wisconsin is available from 7AM to 8PM on election days and throughout the year during regular business hours to answer voting questions, ensure that your vote counts, and to provide advocacy around voting discrimination. The voting rights hotline is 800/928-8778 or 888/758-6049 (TTY/TEXTNET).