Voting Information

The Help America Vote Act of 2002 mandates that accessible voting equipment be available at every polling place and that all individuals have the opportunity to vote independently.  The following six accessible voting systems are currently in use in Wisconsin. Automark, AccuVote TSX, AVC Edge, iVotronic, Vote-Pad, Populex.


For more information concerning voting accessibility please follow the link to the WI Government Accountability Board:


For Information about registering to vote, check your voter registration status, find your polling place, request an absentee ballot, etc., visit


On the main page, click on regular voter. On the next screen, you'll type your first and last name and your date of birth. This information is required, even if you're looking to register to vote. You must use the name that was used at the time of registration (i.e. no nicknames). If you do not find the record you are searching for, try variations of the name. This may be necessary if your last name includes special characters or spaces (e.g. Van Kleve, O'Neill, Hebden-Lloyd). Some voters did not provide a date of birth when they registered and are listed with a default date of birth of 1/1/1900. If you do not find the record you are searching for, try the search using a date of birth of 1/1/1900.


Once the information has been entered, click on your name and proceed to reveal your voter profile. On the voter profile screen, you'll be able to utilize the links on the left side of the screen. You'll be able to see when the next election is scheduled for, you'll be able to locate where you vote, request an absentee ballot, view sample ballot (once available), contact information for your municipal clerk, etc.


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