Community Care of Central Wisconsin Receives Grant to Improve Employment Outcomes for People with Developmental Disabilities

Cathy Jill  Kate

CCCW Grant Project Leads from left to right:  Cathy Derezinski, CCCW Resource Developer, Jill Flugaur, CCCW SDS Specialist and Kate Norby, CCCW Organanizational Training and Development Manager.

The Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities has awarded a grant to Community Care of Central Wisconsin (CCCW) to develop, pilot and evaluate an innovative Self-Directed and Integrated Employment model for people with developmental disabilities.  CCCW recognizes the positive correlation between self-determination and  improved employment outcomes and will use key principles and practices of Self-Directed Supports (choice, control, authority, person-centered planning, relationships and community connections) and best practices in Integrated Employment (discovery, person-centered employment planning, personal profile development, customized employment practices), to develop a model that can be replicated in long-term care programs throughout Wisconsin.

CCCW recognizes employment as an essential activity for adults with disabilities to live full lives in their communities.  The opportunity for CCCW members to participate in real work in their communities and to experience true citizenship is fundamental to CCCW’s mission.  This project will build upon CCCW’s existing knowledge and expertise in Integrated Employment, Self-Directed Supports, and strength-based assessment and care planning.   CCCW is currently recruiting individuals with disabilities to serve on a committee that will oversee all grant project developments and activities.