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SWLTCWA - Please let us know how the Workforce Crisis impacts you!

WLTCWA Members and Friends:

Wisconsin’s direct care workforce crisis is leaving people with disabilities and the elderly without needed care.

People across the state can’t find personal care workers, job coaches, respite workers or therapy aides.  To end the crisis, Survival Coalition, the Wisconsin Personal Services Association and the Workforce Alliance need your help.  We want to tell lawmakers how the workforce crisis is impacting real people. 

Please use the link below to answer a simple survey about how the workforce crisis is impacting you:

Once you take the survey, please share it with other people!

 Scholarship Opportunity for Dementia Specific Training


Opportunity Letter

CLICK HERE to view the Opportunity Letter

Do You Use Personal Care?

The Survival Coalition, along with Wisconsin Long-Term Care Workforce and WPSA, want to hear from people who use personal care. 

Many people around the state can't find personal care workers to help them. Other people want to hire people they know and trust to work for them. Advocacy organizations are in need of your help to gather more data on this workforce. Thank you in advance for your support. 

We want to hear from you!

Please take a few minutes to complete the survey below by Tuesday, March 1. Your information can help us tell lawmakers how to make personal care better for the people who use it.


Fitness Programs


Join the ADRC-CW's Fitness Room. Create or renew a healthy habit of regular physical activity in our fully equipped exercise facility. The Fitness Room is for adults 55 and older & adults 18 and older who are living with a disability. Members must be capable of using the facility independently unless accompanied by someone who can actively assist them. Equipment in the Fitness Room includes: stationary recumbent bikes, treadmills, recumbent elliptical, universal weight machine, hand weights & much more. 

Location: Wausau ADRC-CW Fitness Room 1000 Lakeview Drive, Wausau, WI

Membership: $5 monthly | $25 Half year | $50 Annual (Jan-Dec)

Dates/Times: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. 

Registration: Safety orientation required, Call Peggy at the ADRC-CW at 715-261-6070.


Other Community Fitness Options

Active Older Adults (AOA) - Mosinee United Methodist Church - 607 13th Street Mosinee, WI

 Sit and Stay Fit

Contact (715) 693-2125

Aspirus Outpatient Therapies - 3200 Westhill Drive Wausau, WI

Senior Fitness Program 
Contact Aspirus Outpatient Therapies at (715) 847-2827

Athens Area Fire Department - 208 Caroline Street Athens, WI

Strong Bones
Contact Jackie at (715) 573-4649 or Sara at (715) 257-7022

 Community Group Activities - ADRC 1000 Lakeview Drive Wausau, WI

Arthritis Exercise Class Contact Jill at (715) 298-2104

Body Benders Contact Ollie Kyler (715) 842-2493

Friday Fitness Contact Lyla Madden (715) 359-3319

Laughing Yoga Club Contact Bernie Corsten (715) 845-5124

Curves 2702 Martin Avenue Wausau, WI

Contact Christina (715) 842-5600

5 Koshas Yoga & Wellness Center - 2220 Sherman Street Wausau, WI

5 Koshas is the new home for the senior therapeutic and chair yoga classes in addition to other yoga, fitness, and wellness services:

Senior Therapeutic Yoga Mat

Senior Chair Yoga

Strong Bones

Chair Yoga for Stroke, MS & Neurological Conditions

Arthritis Strength Exercise Class

Tai Chi

Seniors ages 65+ are eligible for a 20% discount on class passes. Learn more at or call (715) 298-1954

Greenheck Sunrise Club - 6400 Alderson Street Weston, WI

Contact Robin at (715) 359-6563 Ext 1323

Group Fitness Classes

Water Aerobics

Work Out With Weights

Marathon Swim Association - 401 4th Street Marathon, WI 

Contact Cathy at (715) 443-3772

Water Walking/Water Exercise

Water Aerobics

Agua Zumba

Lap Swim

Marathon Wellness Center - 204 East Street Marathon, WI

Contact Ryan at (715) 443-2226 x4213

Cardio Equipment

Weight Equipment

Movers & Shakers - Rothschild Village Hall 211 Grand Avenue Rothschild, WI

Contact (715) 359-3660

Group Led Exercise Class

North Central Health Care - Aquatic Services 1100 Lake View Drive Wausau, WI

Contact Aquatic Physical Therapy (715) 848-4551

Community Aquatic Programs (715) 848-4535

Aquatic Physical Therapy

Water Exercise Programs - Aquatics for Arthritis, Water Walking, Ai Chi, Community & Family Swim

Stratford Continuing Education 

Contact Linda at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or


Other fitness programs - Available at various locations in Athens, Green Valley, Spencer and Stratford & various surrounding communities

YWCA - 613 Fifth Street Wausau, WI

Contact (715) 842-3381
Awareness Through Movement


Jackie's Aerobic Dancing

Ballroom Dancing

Wausau Halth & Fitness - 3300 Eagle Avenue Rib Mountain, WI

Contact (715) 848-0046

Silver Sneakers

Strenght Training

Woodson YMCA

Wausau Branch - 707 Third Street Wausau, WI (715) 845-2177

Aspirus Branch - 3402 Howland Avenue Weston, WI (715) 841-1850

Mosinee Satellite - 1000 High Street Mosinee, WI (715) 693-2550 x3441

700 High Street Mosinee, WI (715)470-7317

Wise Y Strength and Conditioning

SilverSneakers Classic

Cardio Equipment

Walking On Indoor Track

SilverSneakers Yoga

Strength Training

Flexible Strength

Ai Chi

Water Fitness Classes


Free Training Skills for Independence

Marlene Pohl has been hired by the City of Stevens Point to assist people to access their transportation options. She offers FREE skills training, which will help you expand your independence. She will work with you individually to learn to use the City Bus, or give help with other transportation options.

Please contact her by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marlene Pohl 
2700 Week Street
Stevens Point, WI 54481


Alzheimer's Association Support Groups


While traditional support groups continue to be the foundation of the chapter's services, speciality support opportunities are available. Support groups are available for people newly diagnosed, those in an early stage or with early onset of Alzheimer's, and many other unique needs. Groups meet at a variety of times and in a variety of settings, are confidential, free, and open to the public. Check out the link to see if there's a grop close to you that fits your needs.


 Grant and Loan Opportunity for Rural Homeowner Information 


Grant and Loan Opportunity for Rural Homeowners