Pathways Integrated Employment Grant Project Update

Just a few months ago we embarked on our project to increase integrated employment opportunities for CCCW members. We are busy exploring new ways for our members to obtain jobs and be supported to retain them. 

One of our grant objectives was to survey members about employment. We wanted to find out if people are working and if they are satisfied with their job. If members aren't working we wanted to know why. The Community Research Center at UW-Stevens Point conducted the survey by calling a random sample of members in Portage County and having them answer questions about employment. New members in Marathon and Wood counties will also take part in our survey in April of 2009. The results from Portage County will be analyzed soon and we will share what we discovered

We are also planning to survey Supported Employment providers in Portage, Marathon and Wood counties in the next few weeks. Our plan is to create an Employment Provider Menu that is available to members so they can find a great fit for meeting their employment goals.

Another project is our Self-Directed Supports and Employment Pilot. Members of CCCW or any family care organization are able to self-direct any part of or their entire member-centered plan. Right now some members self-direct their personal care and supported home care outcomes by hiring their own care workers. For our grant we wanted to explore and put processes in place for self-directing an employment goal. J is the first member to take part in our pilot project. He has some clear goals in mind; to expand the market for the business he started and find a new part time job. But even after several years he has not met his goals. Our project is exploring the use of a support broker for J. A support broker is an employee of the member and is hired to implement the person's plan, in this case for J to expand his business and find a new job. J's plan is the broker's job description. We hope this proves to be a successful and cost-effective method for finding a great job or starting a business.

If you have any questions about employment or our grant project please use the contact link where you will find an email form and our toll free phone number or contact me directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.